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You probably love Dr. Lee's tips and tools because she is ever vigilant to share budget-conscious, PROVEN techniques with you.  Then you do not want to miss the value she has loaded into the following resources for you:

Profit with Your Personality: 
How Top Producers Win at Lead Generation, 
and How You Can Too

More About This Best Seller

You are at a crossroads in your sales career.  It is "win or move on" time.  You fervently search for the tool, tip, system, and company that can positively change your trajectory.  You did not think it would end this way.  You desperately want a turnaround to get unstuck.  

Imagine if you could pull up a seat and listen in on the best practices of the nation's top residential real estate salespeople.  Well, you can with Dr. Lee Davenport's book, Profit with Your Personality: How Top Producers Win at Lead Generation, and How You Can Too.  Dr. Lee Davenport has surveyed some of the nation's top producing residential salespeople and shares in this interesting read some key takeaways that can change the game.

In Profit with Your Personality: How Top Producers Win at Lead Generation, and How You Can Too, Dr. Lee Davenport explores:
  • *4 University-Researched Lead Generation Best Practices of Some of the Top One Thousand U.S. Residential Salespeople,
  • *How Introverted Top Producers ARE Succeeding,
  • *Wanting the Top Producer Formula,
  • *Common Myths About You Personality and Your Sales Success,
  • *1 Frequent Mistake Salespeople Make with Methods (Why It is Really NOT You But Them),
  • *Jumpstarting Your Sales Pipeline with the 1-2-3 Slam,
  • *And More!

Ready for a turn-around in your sales lead generation? Then be inspired by this reflective read. Grab your copy today.

What Others Are Saying
If you want to learn from the best of the best, read Dr. Lee Davenport’s new book, Profit with Your Personality.  As a real estate coach and trainer, Dr. Lee has written a thoughtful and insightful guide for REALTORS® and Brokers to provide them with actionable tips to bring their business to the ‘next level.’  Rather than a ‘one size fits all approach’ Dr. Lee focuses on how REALTORS® can tap into their personal strengths to become Top Producers.  This easy-to-read guide is a must-have for those who are looking to succeed.
--Sandy Krueger, CEO, Staten Island Board of REALTORS®

Dr. Lee Davenport has led the real estate industry to embrace technology and social media. Her thought leadership in this area has impacted agents and brokers across the country. But more than just her track record, my admiration of Dr. Lee stems from her warmth and compassion towards each individual she interacts with. Rare that you find such a beautiful combination and I am proud to call her a friend.
--Stefanie Diaz, Named one of Atlanta’s Startup Wonder Women as the Founder of Mastermind Your Launch and a Popular Radio Host

True success is born out of an acute self-awareness, strong work ethic, and abiding determination. In this book, Dr. Lee will walk you through a process of self-evaluation to pinpoint what is and is not working in your business plan, and she will give you the courage to try new tactics until you find that perfect fit.
--Erica Christoffer, REALTOR® Magazine's Broker to Broker Consultant

"I'm Intrigued... Tell Me More"

Want a teaser about this topic? Then please listen to this informative podcast, which my friends at translate to knowing how to skillfully, "Prospect According to Your Personality": Podcast

And, feel free to check to see if your firm and/or association has scheduled the latest version of the business planning workshop by the same name, Profit with Your Personality. If not, then feel free to schedule the workshop, inquire about other popular workshops or inquire about 1-to-1 coaching at this link:

By the way, here's just one "win-imony" -- thank you for these kind words from a recent session of the Profit with Your Personality business planning workshop:

I got a chance to sit in on a fun and helpful webinar our association had with you so when I saw that you were coming in town to drop even more gems on how to Profit with Your Personality, I cleared my schedule and made my team do the same! I am so glad we did! My entire team came and I know we are ready to take on this changing market. When will you be back? We could benefit from hearing from you each quarter! 
--Washington REALTOR® and team leader


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