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As featured in the HousingWire/ Season 1 Podcast.   

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There is one month of the year left, real estate friends --  you made it! 

Yet, some of you have shared your concerns with rising inflation and interest rates, which has resulted in buyers and sellers being sluggish. 

But if you know me, then you know I believe that when you know how to "Profit with Your Personality" (which my friends at HousingWire translate to knowing how to skillfully "prospect according to your personality"), you can thrive no matter how the market changes. 

This principle has weathered now various markets around the world so if you are anxious about the things to come, I challenge you to lean into what you do best, your strengths when it comes to lead generation. 

Don't know what those are? 

Start with this classic article on 70 lead generation tips that I wrote that was featured in Realtor Magazine (there are even more now but this should get your brain percolating):

Next, please listen to this info.-packed podcast on Prospecting According to Your Personality. Podcast Summary: Dr. Lee talks about the science behind personalities and how to tailor your real estate prospecting to your personality. For example, certain personalities are great at cold calling and door knocking, but for others, those activities are stressful. Spoiler alert: Not all real estate agents are outgoing extroverts! Dr. Lee helps you figure out your personality type and provides real-life examples of activities suited to you.

And, then check to see if your firm and/or association has scheduled the latest version of the 3-hour CE course, Profit with Your Personality. If not, then feel free to schedule a chat (click here: either set up the class or inquire about 1-to-1 coaching.

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