Get to Know Dr. Lee Davenport, Award-Winning, International Real Estate Educator/Coach aka "The Fair Housing Equalizer"


"I wanted to reach out and say thank you for presenting to us during the fair housing mini conference a week or so ago... I really enjoyed your presentation and the personality behind it. You took a subject that's usually presented so blandly and gave it the personality it needs to ensure it resonates." David W., S.C. & G.A. Managing Broker


I am more confident when talking about fair housing with clients and the community shareholders. Thank you. I wish the class were in person. We would love to have your energy in the room.” —Roseline C., REALTOR®, Fair Housing DECODER© online participant (


“EVERYONE raved about Dr. Lee! She rocks! Even our venue/techie said, 'She’s more lively virtually than a lot of our other guests are in person!'" —Lee Cooley, Director of Marketing & Communications at Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS®



We have been repeatedly told that Dr. Lee's virtual/online courses (featured on this website) rock but we get it, you too may prefer in-person workshops. Contact us to learn more about in-person options:

Dr. Lee's Philosophy: Education > "School of Hard Knocks"

Armed with numerous degrees and certifications in business administration, diverse leadership, legal, and Bible studies, Dr. Lee Davenport is an award-winning, international real estate educator and thought leader.

Motto 23: "You can never be overdressed or overeducated." -- attributed to Oscar Wilde

Dr. Lee is known for being generous with all of her resources and "book learnings" because she believes we don't have to "reinvent the wheel" as we make widely available best practices. She believes our industry (as well as our communities) is only enriched by high-quality information sharing (vs. hoarding from a scarcity mindset). 

Motto 43: Collaboration over competition.

As a result of her generous and energetic nature, Dr. Lee speaks internationally at various business meetings (including ToastMasters and Fortune 500 companies), universities and colleges, real estate associations, realty firms, and real estate conferences.  

In that spirit of generosity, Dr. Lee has partnered with The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change to grant scholarships to real estate professionals (along with other organizations in her network) to participate in their impactful online school, which details the ardent struggle for fair housing (and other human/civil rights) for which Dr. King’s life work and tragic assassination were the catalyst.

Dr. Lee, who has been affectionately dubbed “The Fair Housing Equalizer”, has a provocative monthly column on race and real estate in Inman News (which is the top-rated online real estate news site for real estate professionals with over 2 million page views per month). Her column has spurred industry changes [like this where her local REALTORS® association issued its first formal apology for its role and complicity in discriminatory housing]. She also documented local instances of appraisal bias, which was later covered by ABC News (a local affiliate) as a direct result of her advocacy work.

Additionally, Dr. Lee has article features in both a peer-reviewed publication (The Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education) and consumer reads including Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, South Philly Review, the Detroit News, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Moreover, Dr. Lee has been a contributing writer to and/or award recipient from numerous trade publications including (to name just a few):

Plus, Dr. Lee has been a member for years of the International Coach Federation ("the gold standard of coaching"), the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high, ethical standards. As she has evolved from solely coaching to holistically educating, her ICF peers affectionately call her a "coach-like" educator, going above and beyond the basic definition of a business coach.

As a "coach-like educator", Dr. Lee has been recognized by Inman News and numerous real estate organizations as one of the top 30 U.S. national real estate coaches.

Also, Dr. Lee was honored to be one of the inaugural Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coaches for the University of Michigan’s MPact DEI Certificate Program.

Last but not least, her YouTube channel has attracted over 500,000 (yes, over half a MILLION) views and counting.

Dr. Lee's Back Story

Dr. Lee, a Lifelong Learner

Randomness about Dr. Lee that's very "on brand": 

Dr. Lee got her college scholarship from writing an op-ed that was published in the local newspaper while she was a middle school student. Yes, she was in pigtails and eyeglasses, still playing with Cabbage Patch dolls and roller skating. Yet, at that same time, she wrote about the ramifications of an impending teacher's strike in the local news (The Detroit News). That's heavy for a 'tween. In other words, she was oddly outspoken as a kid. She believes there is no changing her outspokenness now, ha!

Fast forward: during the aftermath of the 2007 housing market crash, Dr. Lee (already a 4th generation real estate investor) desired to better serve those devastated by the crash.  As a result, she obtained REALTOR® certifications as an Affordable Housing Specialist and a Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource.  She helped numerous families emerge from "The Great Recession" with their housing needs met.

Furthermore, she has served as managing broker and mentor for one of Atlanta’s top RE/MAX franchises at the time, RE/MAX Around Atlanta. Despite "The Great Recession" when real estate pros were jumping ship and offices were shrinking and/or filing bankruptcy, she managed three growing offices of some of Georgia’s most successful real estate agents who averaged over $140,000 in sales commissions at a time when the industry average was just around $40,000. 

At that same time, Dr. Lee was honored with a position on the advisory board at Kennesaw State University’s Center for Professional Selling, allowing her to impart to the program and its students during her management tenure with RE/MAX.

Now, Dr. Lee weekly helps sales professionals and organizations use today's technology plus their unique personality to work smarter while encouraging ethical and fair housing. She is honored to have training clients throughout the U.S. that have been recognized as the Top Thousand salespeople in the nation, making over $500,000 in income.  

Motto 16: “Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve." -- Rev. Dr. Martin L. King Jr.

Personally, Dr. Lee has volunteered with her local REALTIST and REALTOR® associations in several capacities, having been awarded the Five Star Circle of Service for exemplary service. 

Included in her service, Dr. Lee is one of the four founding hosts for the official podcast of the Atlanta REALTORS® Association, the Atlanta REALTOR® Rundown podcast. Notably, her episodes on Digital Real Estate in the Metaverse and Code of Ethics in Conversation with Leigh Brown were the top two downloads of the podcast's inaugural year.  

She has been a volunteer director for the globally recognized Social Media Club (Atlanta Chapter). 

Also, Dr. Lee is a licensed minister that has served in the ministry since she was a teenager in various capacities, including volunteering as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, a Be the Bridge/Racial Reconciliation Small Group Leader at Buckhead Church, and Vacation Bible School (VBS) leader both locally and abroad.

What Makes Dr. Lee's Coaching & Training So Uniquely Effective?

It is easy to see Dr. Lee is a lifelong learner and community advocate! 

Specifically, to obtain her doctorate, Dr. Lee studied some of the top 1000 real estate agents in the U.S. and scientifically identified some key traits of top producers. 

From this innovative scientific research, Dr. Lee has developed personal and group coaching training classes and programs to help audiences grow their businesses based on today's technology and their unique personalities while upholding fair housing practices.  

Dr. Lee's groundbreaking research has been published in the peer-reviewed journal, The Journal of Real Estate Education and Practice (check out the abstract by clicking here).  A less technical version of her inspiring research, available for everyday readers, can be found in the 5-star rated book, Profit with Your Personality: Learn How Top Producers Win at Lead Generation, and How You Can Too

Dr. Lee adamantly believes: "Your business needs your personality!"  You are ultimately the key ingredient to your differentiation and success; and, Dr. Lee helps you manifest the best you in business.

Here's What Others Have to Say About Dr. Lee

"I was searching for coaches and I came across Dr. Lee's name; thus I researched her personally and how she approaches her coaching. I will admit what attracted me was her assessment test and the results. I will admit prior to deciding to obtain a coach, I had been doing a lot of googling on REALTORS® who are introverts, their approach to selling real estate and how successful are they in selling real estate. So when I did my research and came across the various personality types that Dr. Lee is familiar with/worked with in her business, I was amazed. I interviewed several coaches, including Dr. Lee and the fact that she understands/has a recommendations/process for someone who is insanely introverted like me, was music to my ears.
-- L. Harris, returning REALTOR®

Nominated yearly for coaching excellence by various publications

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On the Road with Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee served as an inaugural DEI Coach for University of Michigan’s MPact DEI Certificate Program

 Jim Fitzpatrick interviewing Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee Speaking at Inman Connect

Training course with Dr. Lee 

Dr. Lee sharing with NP Dodge in Omaha, NE

Dr. Lee on a panel at REBarCamp

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