Does Your Business Need a "Strategy Surge©"?

Do you know how you will get your next 1, 10, or even 100 leads?  If you can honestly say you do not, then it is likely time for a STRATEGY SURGE.  

What is a Strategy Surge©?

The Strategy Surge© plan is 4 weeks of proven assignments customized to help you PROFIT WITH YOUR PERSONALITY© and jump-start your lead generation (of buyers, sellers, or agent recruitment), whether you are a rookie real estate agent or a 30-year veteran who has hit a plateau.  As a bonus, you get 2 direct strategy calls with me so that you can get personalized guidance as you develop or revamp your lead generation strategy.

Why is it Important to PROFIT WITH MY PERSONALITY©?

One size never fits all.  That is true of a wide range of things from clothing to business models.  If you are trying to model your business after "Sally Sales-A-Lot" (a.k.a. the top producer in your area) and you notice it is not working, this is likely a strategy that is not suited to your God-given personality.  That means her system is not necessarily broken or a scam, nor are you destined to fail.  Instead, it is vital that you identify how you can profit in your business with the unique way you think, work and relate to others.

The Strategy Surge© will help you create a plan to do just this!  Also, check out the book, Profit with Your Personality© if you enjoy background reading.

Why 4 Weeks?

This time period will allow you to implement and test your new custom strategy, get specific feedback from me, and make any necessary adjustments.  It is frustrating to start some lead generation strategy without having any guidance to keep it going.  The 4-week Strategy Surge© program makes sure you are not going it alone.

I'm a Manager so How Does This Work for My Team?

As a broker/manager/owner, you can offer the Strategy Surge© to each of your agents as a way for them to intentionally create an individualized lead generation plan since "one size does not fit all".  

I Have Questions?

Schedule a chat to discuss your needs and learn more about the Strategy Surge© and all coaching options by clicking here.  

Is Coaching with Dr. Lee Right for Me?

Find out by taking this self-assessment: click here.

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