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How's your New Year's resolution coming along?  I know, I know.  You probably are saying,  "What New Year's resolution?"  

You may have started one that fell by the wayside before spring flowers were blooming.  Or, you may be against those types of resolutions altogether because you know you do not need to wait to the first of the year to get started with your goals.

I have a secret I want to share with you.  I have found that I can consistently work toward any goal I set with this secret.  This secret often allows me to not only complete the goal but excel at the goal.

What's my secret?

Good old-fashion accountability.  Whether it is a pesky workout buddy, a business friend moving in the same direction, or a family member that is counting my dinero, I find that it is harder to let my goals get pushed to the "back burner" of life when I have to answer to someone else.

To whom are you accountable, especially in your business?

I can read your thoughts, "Okay but I don't have anyone like that to help me get my business to the next level".  YES YOU DO!  Every week I want to challenge you to push yourself in your business through my PUSH program

Now you are probably thinking, "But I can't afford to pay a weekly coach!"  

That is why I am making this super affordable at just under $10 a month -- boom!  


For those of you that have heard me give a talk at a conference, then you know I personally understand what it is like to need business help but not to be able to afford it because my business was just getting started.  Even if you are not getting started but have hit a rough patch, know that I am here to give you a PUSH.  I want to connect with you weekly to help you stay the course.


Receive a weekly text message from Dr. Lee to help you stay on track in your business.  It's just $9.99 per month to enroll and you can unsubscribe anytime by simply responding to a text message with "unsubscribe".  

BONUS: Start off with a complimentary 2-week trial to get your "feet wet".

EXTRA BONUS: Have questions or, just want to share a testimony and give an "Amen" to the week's topic?  You can reply to the text and expect one direct message from Dr. Lee before the next week's coaching text is sent.

Want in? With a 2-week complimentary trial, I know you do! Simply enter you cell phone number (formatted like 1-404-444-4444) below, click "Subscribe" and get ready to get coached weekly via text message.

Get Started: Enter Your Area Code & Mobile Number (1-xxx-xxx-xxxx)


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