DEMO:1 Easy Instagram Hack to Grow Your Real Estate Business

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Instagram is still a powerful platform for real estate agents and brokers to market themselves and connect with potential clients. 

While it may seem like a gold rush for many in the real estate industry, it's important to note that simply being on Instagram and receiving likes is not enough to effectively grow your business. Being effective on Instagram requires that you understand that it is a numbers game – having more content is key. More specifically, these social media platforms (not just Instagram) make money the longer people stay on these platforms, which requires watch-worthy content.

That is tough for many of us. Why?

As REALTORS®, we already wear several unofficial hats like contracts coordinator, “marriage counselor”, chief negotiator, “chauffeur”, “daycare aide”, referee, “dog walker”, “general contractor”, a generic “Angie’s list” maker and whatever duties may be assigned to get to closing (I list some of these facetiously). 

Thus, many of us are relectant to add “content creator” (and the hours that goes into creating original content like the “rapping Realtorrr”) to our laundry list of duties.

I have a hack for you that every time I teach it (CRS/RRC agents can watch the complimentary replay here), fellow agents (especially those that are “solo-preneurs”) breathe a sigh of relief.

Here’s that quintessential shortcut: Instagram authorizes you to re-purpose the best content to get more eyeballs to stay on your page, which boosts the app overall. Because when you win on Instagram, Instagram wins. 

How do you do this?

Check out this video, "DEMO: Using Other People's Post to Work Smarter and Generate Real Estate Leads":

If you're considering joining or becoming active on Instagram to generate leads for your real estate sales business, it's not too late. However, it's essential to go beyond vanity metrics and focus on implementing effective marketing strategies tailored to the platform. By leveraging the platform's features to reuse content, you can maximize your chances of turning Instagram into a valuable tool for your real estate business. You’ve got this!


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