Realtors®, Don't Miss These ChatGPT and AI Red Flags

As featured in HousingWire's RealTrends

Do you know the potential benefits and risks of using AI chatbots in the real estate industry?

This article is the one! 

In it, I share what real estate professionals can learn from past experiences with social media adoption and how to be early adopters of AI chatbots, taking advantage of their potential before over-saturation occurs.

The use of AI chatbots in real estate can streamline marketing, client interactions, and other tasks similar to the Jetsons' futuristic world. It has shaved off hours from my day.

However, there are potential red flags when using AI chatbots, including the risk of AI going rogue, steering clients towards or away from certain areas (a form of illegal practice), collecting sensitive information leading to fraud, and not keeping up with current rules and laws in the real estate industry.

This article emphasizes the importance of proofreading AI output, compliance testing, and staying informed about legal changes to avoid negative consequences in your business.

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