Will Chatbots Make Housing Discrimination Worse? Not if We Remember These Considerations for Fair Housing

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As a real estate educator and coach, I am often an early adopter of new technologies, including ChatGPT and other chatbots. How do we know if chatbots can make housing discrimination worse?

My response is one word: Facebook.

I believe Facebook is a case study of both the pro and cons of how new technology can promote fair housing but also undermine it. Thus, there are many lessons and caveats we can extract from the blessing and curse that Facebook has been for homeownership. 

My shortlist for chatbot savvy includes:
+ Firms and large teams should partner with local fair housing centers to beta test (and re/test) -- such initiative goes a long way in catching un-fair housing flags that we may miss and showing good faith in our efforts to be fair housing champions (what I like to call Fair Housing DECODERS©).

+ Individuals should always be copied on the communications between auto chatbots and (potential) clients. If these chats occur in a "far, far away galaxy" that you have no access to review or intercept, change to another AI vendor/provider.

Check out the full story as featured in Inman News at: https://www.inman.com/2023/06/20/will-chatbots-make-housing-discrimination-worse/

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