Learning to advocate, not alienate, with fair housing

Excerpt from HousingWire RealTrends.com feature.  

I think Dr. King said it best, “Our aim has never been to put the bus company out of business, but rather to put justice in business.” — Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Statement on Ending the Bus Boycott,” 1956 

For us, we can swap out “bus” for “real estate.” In short, we want fair housing in business not other real estate pros out of business. To do my part, I want to get this framework of How to Be a Fair Housing DECODER© in the hands of every real estate pro possible. 

Fair housing is not intuitive for everyone

Time has shown us that fair housing is not automatic or intuitive for everyone (with examples like this in the 54 years since federal fair housing laws were enacted). That means we have to do a better job with education.

The DECODER acronym offers every real estate pro (agent, broker, lender, appraiser, and the like) these important things to consider when faced with UN-fair housing (or lending):

Reporter — Last but certainly not least, if our customer (or community member) confides in us that they feel UN-fair housing is at play, let’s give them the resources to file a report. That includes:

Check out the rest of the DECODER acronym by reading the full feature at RealTrends.com.

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