LISTEN: One commercial agent's journey from being ignored to becoming an industry leader

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Have you ever attended a real estate function excited to network and learn whatever topic is being discussed?

It's a great feeling walking into a room with those that are wheeling and dealing, true industry leaders from an economic standpoint. 

But what happens when the environment is less than welcoming? 

Do you recoil? 

Is it just one of those sad learning lessons where you remember the saying "to never meet your heroes" and slip out the back door? 

Or, do you return and create a welcoming team with both ambassadors and mentors?

For 2022 Georgia CCIM president, Kenisha Robnett, she did the latter. How? Check out her remarkable journey to CCIM chapter president during our chat for the Atlanta REALTORS® Rundown podcast. I hope her story inspires you!

In this Atlanta REALTOR® Rundown interview, Madam President shares from her journey:

1. Some hurdles for pros entering commercial real estate
2. Resources that can help overcome those hurdles
3. Why more pros should get the CCIM credential
4. Vision-casting for the future of commercial real estate

"Sometimes I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can anyone deny themselves the pleasure of my company?" --Anthropologist and author, Zora Neale Hurston

If you (or anyone you know because sharing is caring!) have an interest in commercial real estate but find it intimidating, President Robnett shares some motivational nuggets  – dare I say CCIM insider secrets – that inspire courage. 

Take a listen. 

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Here's to your success!
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