Market Shifts Should Mean a MarketING Shift

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As a real estate coach, I count it such an honor to have a “wizard of oz” moment with you. In other words, the nature of coaching requires agents and brokers to pull back the curtain and reveal the “magic” of their business operations. It’s hard to be transparent in an age of “cancel culture” so again I honor that vulnerability. And as some of us begin to feel a financial squeeze in various parts of the nation, I am seeing something harmful to continued business success (that honestly, I have seen over the last decade-plus whenever I meet folks for the first time for training and coaching). This may make the difference between thriving during a downturn or not.

This harmful habit is sticking with the same marketing strategy come hell or high water.

Several agents have voiced their desire to stay the course and continue to exclusively market to attract new listings. That can be harmful as rates rise, contracts are being canceled, and days on market increase.

Learn with Dr. Lee® Lesson: whenever the market shifts, your marketing should shift!

How should our market shift? Be sure to check out the full article featured at

You've got this!

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