Have you figured out how to advocate for fair housing without alienating?

As I have talked to real estate pros across the nation, I am seeing a trend: 

As the market shifts, agents that want to follow fair housing laws (there is a distinction!) are not sure how to educate their clients, team, and vendor partners on fair housing tenets without burning bridges. 

Some consumers have taken this dilemma as a sign that many professionals in our industry want to callously pander to those oblivious to fair housing and other laws. However, I believe it is a sign that we (that want to actually uphold fair housing) just may not know how to walk the tightrope that allows us to "advocate not alienate".

Interestingly and to further explain, I attended a webinar that included speakers from Newsday, the DOJ and NAR. During the Newsday exposè, some of the agents that violated fair housing at some point during their meetings with the undercover testers did discuss fair housing law. In other words, those speakers stated that the main issue is not that agents are unfamiliar with fair housing laws. During that webinar, Attorney Steve Tomkowiak hypothesized, in essence, that it is the application and expression of the laws in real-life scenarios where there is a disconnect.

In other words, I am cognizant our efforts to educate on fair housing laws must go beyond the basics of the dos and don'ts of the law but also help everyday pros connect fair housing laws and everyday practice.

For example, I have come across the same disconnection at the start of teaching fair housing courses. Here's just one such statement:

"I've had seller clients Google names on contracts, check their social profiles and cancel deals over race, sexual orientation and political posts. I never know what to do in those situations. I just took this course and I am CONFIDENT I know how to handle those situations from now on. Thanks Dr. Lee!" --Cathy, 15-year REALTOR®

Notice that she said, "I never know what to do". That's where the rubber hits the road– knowing what to do!

It's no secret that real estate is a relationship business that thrives in friendly -- not hostile -- community. Thus, this novel concept of being a Fair Housing DECODER© who skillfully and proactively advocates -- not alienates -- for equitable access and opportunity in real estate for EVERYONE is just what the doctor ordered (pun intended). 

Check out this complimentary video excerpt to identify one powerful tool to proactively encourage the connection between fair housing laws and daily practice with your team, office, and community.


Bonus: as a reader of Realtor Magazine, here is an exclusive code – realtor – for you to access a 1-day rental (think of it like a movie rental) at no fee at this link of the entire Fair Housing DECODER© course:

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