Podcast: #WhoWeR Ethically Speaking with Leigh Brown

Should the public trust the real estate industry?

As quiet as it’s kept, salespeople of any industry can get the nickname of "sleazy" or a “swindler” because that is not just the name of a Netflix show (for those of you that have seen the Tinder Swindler). 

For example, for some of us, just hearing the words, “Used Car Salesman” conjures up bad and perhaps also vivid personal memories of a time where buyer’s remorse was a gut punch. No shade to car salesman though. 

For our industry, it’s also been… shall we say… complicated due to some agent, lender and other vendor participation in now illegal UN-fair housing acts like steering, blockbusting, redlining, and frankly just downright housing exclusion. 

For instance, just in the 2021 Report by the National Fair Housing Alliance, there were OVER 28,000 UN-fair housing violations reported. That is mind-boggling! 

Consequently, for some in the general public, there is a trust issue when it comes to real estate pros. 

Unfortunately, most of us realize that just because laws exist, violations don’t just poof bam boom, bibbidi-bobbidi-boo disappear. Laws are not magic. We know that from shows like Dateline and the entire ID channel. Those tv shows indicate that laws don’t necessarily stop crimes but they MAY provide restitution — IF—  there is proof and— IF —the violator is caught (those are big "ifs" though). 

Unfortunately, ethical and fair housing is no exception. Laws don’t necessarily stop UN-fair housing, but ethical agents can. 

#WhoWeR ethically speaking with Leigh Brown 

In this Atlanta REALTORS® Rundown podcast interview, hear from the GOAT of ethical training classes, THEE Leigh Brown discuss: 

1. What does it mean to be an ethical Realtor? 

2. How can leaning into the Realtor Code of Ethics protect and improve our reputations and industry as a whole? 

3. What do we get wrong ethically speaking? 

4. What are some strategies to help us level up ethically speaking? 

Want more on this topic with the fabulous Leigh Brown? 

Be sure to tune into the National Real Estate Ethics Day broadcast on July 7, 2022, which fulfills the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics triennial requirement.  

By the way, #WhoWeR proceeds for this broadcast go to the REALTORS® Relief Foundation, which is in year 21 of supporting all of our neighbors after a natural disaster with their housing needs. 

Register your Local REALTOR® Association at https://nationalethicsday.com today!  

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