Turn Critics into Coaches: 3 Questions to Ask When Dealing with a Difficult Client

Who are the clients (current or in the past) that at just the mention of their name you cringe?

Truth be told, some people just are not aware that you have feelings that can be hurt. Some may say or do things that rub you the wrong way. But sometimes, there is a diamond buried under their vitriol that can actually help your business to level up. 

Point of clarification: I am not referring to moments when someone is simply being abusive but rather when someone is wholeheartedly attempting to communicate their needs in regards to your business services (albeit in an abrasive manner). I am not a people please, nor do I condone people pleasing because some people may never be happy during a given transaction #facts. But I do encourage being a lifelong learner. Each client and transaction is an opportunity to be coached and better our businesses. The client is not always right — especially when it comes to real estate laws —  but often they are teaching us how to serve them and other clients in similar situations. 

We know some of the world’s most successful businesses used feedback from clients to improve their services and product offerings, and, then there were those that did not like Blockbuster, ugh. 

Likewise, knowing what we know, we can choose our fate. 

To that point, check out this month's on-demand 10-Minish MBA featuring 3 questions to ask when dealing with a difficult client: 

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