2022: New + Improved Year (we hope!), New + Improved Appraisals

Happy 2022, Real Estate Friends!

January is the perfect time to challenge yourself to see, stretch and grow your business. 


This year I want to challenge everyone to identify and partner with real estate lenders and appraisers that actively use robust policies to prevent appraisal bias; and, in instances when appraisal bias may be discovered, they have contemporary policies in place to redress harm promptly! When asked what their appraisal bias prevention policies are, let's opt for preferred lenders and appraisers who can clearly articulate them and even send you documentation.

You may be wondering why does this even matter in 2022 when fair housing has been law for over 50 years? Check out these two videos for more about this challenge and why it matters now more than ever.

Need a hint to get started? Curious as to who is tackling appraisal bias head-on and should be on your consideration shortlist?

To help you start this challenge today, here's a bonus video featuring Paul Ryll of Oscar Mike Appraisals sharing how their new mobile app mitigates appraisal bias. Also, in this video, hear some tips from HGTV-featured, international (with clients in 25+ countries) broker/agent Christian Ross.

Want more on this topic? Download today your complimentary (aka NO FEE but for a limited time so hurry) copy of the book, How to Be an Anti-Racist Real Estate Pro or take part 1 of the same-named course

Here's to your success!

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