Coach YOURSELF to A Better New Year with These 7 Key Questions

There is an uptick happening. 

As this year comes to a close, I have been connecting with new clients that want coaching as real estate agents who are tired of being stuck in their business. 

They are stuck because they seem to know what to do but just aren’t doing it. For example, many of the agents in our first coaching call together mention they want to exercise first thing in the morning, prospect for new clients (whether calls, etc) mid-morning, set and go on appts in the afternoon and evenings all while having time for families, friends, pets or just to watch paint dry.

In other words, they understand how to time block their day (TikTok). Yet, they are still stuck. That’s where coaching — having a thinking partner— kicks in because it is clearly something deeper than being able to time manage your day.

No two people have the same life factors but here are some key coaching questions I ask some variation of to clients to help uncover what has them stuck:

1. What does your ideal workday look like?

2. How does an actual day compare to that ideal day? In other words, what does *not get done? Let’s call these the Waysides — things you know would grow your business if you regularly implemented them but for whatever reason fall by the wayside of your schedule too much.

3. On the occasions when you have achieved the Waysides, what resources and circumstances helped you? Let’s call these Support Tools.

4. How can you access these Support Tools each workday? (What needs to change? What needs to become permanent?) Pay close attention to this answer. This is your money maker — shake it up! 

5. What might get in the way? List them. Too often we create a schedule without any buffers for interruptions that are honestly a common part of real estate life.

6. What’s next? From all of these questions that I hope spur your thinking and brainstorming, what can you implement? 

7. What will keep you accountable to act? 

You do not have to stay stuck. Let's make 2022 the year of getting unstuck and manifesting all you know your business can be!

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Here's to your success!
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