8 New + Favorite Tools to Keep Your Sanity in Today's Market

Nationally, home showing foot traffic is up by an average of 105% and those homes are receiving an average of 5 offers. If you are in an above-average area, I can feel your eyes rolling at these numbers as if to say, I wish it was that low. It is oddly bittersweet to be a far cry from the plunging seller's market many metro areas experienced during the throes of social distancing in 2020. 

Whether these numbers represent your hurried market frustrations or fall well below them, I have some tools -- both new and my long-time favorites -- to help you keep your sanity. The month of May is over but let's keep with us mental health awareness! 

Class Overview Clip:

Love or Liability Letters? Clip (Shout out to Kelly Guin Thrash):

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By the way, here are the tech tools for your toolbox mentioned in the full video:

Our friends at RE/MAX Gold are encouraging agents to use handy outstanding California Association of REALTORS' Fair Housing and Discrimination Advisory Form -- one example of the type of disclosure we all should use as I mentioned in this class.

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Here's to your success!

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