The New Feature That Can Pay YOU to Generate Leads

Are you looking for new and inexpensive ways to generate leads in a socially distant world?

What if I told you I know of a new tool that will actually pay YOU to generate leads?

Y'all (when I get excited my southern twang comes out) Amazon has a new feature called Explore that I believe can add to your arsenal of lead generation tools with the bonus of additional income, whether or not the lead becomes a client. 

Check out this quick video on how to sign-up as a beta trial user:

Amazon Explore gives you an opportunity to connect with both relocators and locals around your favorite community venues (which should include the real estate that you sell, hint, hint). 'Solo-preneurs', Amazon Explore may eliminate some of the headaches from Zoom-fatigue, especially since your time will be compensated. Brokers, managers, and team leaders, Amazon Explore may be able to replace in-person 'desk duty' as we continue to social distance, giving you a new means to safely offer agents leads while earning some office income.  

But here's the catch, Amazon did not make this exclusively for real estate professionals so I am not sure how long we will be able to use Amazon Explore in this capacity. Translation: Don't wait, try it out now, while we can!

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