Operation: EXPANSION (for Realty Firms)

Why Operation: EXPANSION?  

If you have ever wanted to offer your team the opportunity to develop lead-generation strategies based on present-day, proven, peer-reviewed lead-techniques without further taxing your current staff, then this is for you! Operation: EXPANSION helps you to expand your firm's educational offerings, which expands your team's development. Win-win!  

'This has been the breakthrough that I needed in my business... helping me become more of an expert instead of a first year agent--Anthony, Texas Agent


What is Operation: EXPANSION?

In short, Operation: EXPANSION is four weeks of 1:1 coaching for your firm's agents that need to create a game plan for generating leads. But it is not a run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter program.  In true Dr. Lee-fashion, participants are taught to identify their unique strengths and how to 'play' to those strengths in a customized lead-generation plan that follows her 'Profit with Your Personality' teachings. 

SIDEBAR: As a way to warm your team, we recommend first offering Dr. Lee's internationally beloved workshop, 'Profit with Your Personality' or the book of the same name (http://bit.ly/booksbylee) to your firm as prep work to understand both this method's concepts and Dr. Lee's style.

What is the schedule for Operation: EXPANSION?

  • Week 1: Participants complete proprietary online assessments to help us understand their strengths
  • Week 2: Dr. Lee has a one-on-one, 60-minute video call with participants to create their individualized Lead-Generation Plan
  • Week 3: Participants work said plan (a.k.a. generate leads!) and submit reflections to Dr. Lee
  • Week 4: Dr. Lee and participants make tweaks to the plan during a one-on-one, 30-minute video call
  • Week 5 + Beyond: Participants run with the lead-generation plan and EXPAND

Who from your team can participate in Operation: EXPANSION?

Ideal participants in Operation: EXPANSION include agents/brokers that have been licensed for ideally three to six months or more (because they need time to get acclimated to using the tools offered at your office and local MLS).

When can participants start Operation: EXPANSION? Is there one start date for our firm?

We are not herding cattle! We truly believe in individualized experiences, which means a participant's start date is not dictated by anything other than her own ability to submit a signed program contract with payment. The next business day the individual participant's program begins, meaning this will be staggered at the participant's pace.

What is the investment to participate in Operation: EXPANSION?

When agents invest in themselves, their hustle (and backbones) seem to get stronger and the opportunity is taken more seriously. Thus, it is ideal for the participants to either invest upfront (as an upfront bonus the fee is discounted to $999) or through three automatic installments (taken every two weeks) totaling $1299 (see contract for all terms). However, in some instances to incentivize participants to select your firm over a competitor, we have had our partnering firms (or the firms' preferred vendors) sponsor the agents' investment upfront or give the participants an option to be reimbursed after a certain number of transactions or sales volume with your firm -- whatever 'floats your boat'!

What's after Operation: EXPANSION?

We see Operation: EXPANSION as Phase 1 of coaching at your firm because this kickstarts agent development with a concrete lead-generation plan. However, we understand some need regular accountability, which takes us into Phase 2, which allows agents to continue with monthly coaching. Curious about how this looks for your team? Schedule a chat (click here) to learn more about coaching being offered at your firm.

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