3 Lead Generation Questions to Get Primed and Pumped for Q1 Success 💪

I have heard it time and time again:  
This year is anything but normal. 

That statement, at times, is followed by a sigh and other times by a shrug, revealing that the preceding months have been at the least emotionally dicey. 

In a similar fashion, such a sentiment compels me to believe that as the sales year winds down, we would be prudent to not default to 'autopilot', assuming the historic national highs of this sales summer indicate a return to 'business as usual'. Our default mode this time of year (particularly if we have met or exceeded our sales goals) maybe to kick back for the holidays roughly from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day. Yes, vacation and family time are vital. But, with the job and economic uncertainty in various industries (think the airlines, movie theaters, concert venues, restaurants, and the like) looming, it is essential to not squander the momentum of our unseasonably hot markets by coasting into 2021. 

In other words, we do not know what lies ahead for spring. Yes, in most locations in prior years, spring often would signal homebuyers to the market like 'Black Friday' shoppers to Best Buy. That may happen in 2021 but with so much economic uncertainty, I want to challenge you to not 'tap out' this holiday season since we have not had a year like this during our careers.

For instance, have you ever been on 'autopilot' while driving to a particular destination? Perhaps you wanted to stop by the store after a long day but by default, you head home. You were tired and you checked out mentally. That is unless someone chimed in, 'Where are you going?' or something similar. I've had that happen and that simple question has immediately caused me to reflect and correct my course to the desired destination.

Let's course correct our lead generation with these three questions to finish 2020 strong and set up our first quarter of 2021 for success:

Have I checked in on my entire database during this challenging year?

The agents I coach that are staying connected with their contacts are discovering a 'goldmine' of opportunity while extending truly helpful hands during a time of uncertainty. Why? Because many homeowners were not aware of how strong the housing market has been over the summer. But oh my, once they are brought up to speed by their trusted real estate professional (a.k.a. you!), they have been able to make savvy money moves to stabilize their (or their family's) housing and even finances (that may have taken a beating this year due to health challenges or whatever else this year threw at them). 

Q1 Priming Challenge #1: Set a goal to contact everyone in your database before New Year's Day, not with the intention of being annoyingly 'salesy' but simply to offer a listening ear (because it has been a hard year). As a result of simply checking in with your contacts, you may discover many ways that your services are needed.

Are there any announced layoffs or hirings impacting my local community?
The agents that I coach that have newsfeed alerts set for local company layoffs, restructuring, and expansions have again found a prime moment to help people that may not understand how today's market can serve them. If you have not set up any alerts yet, identify keywords for your community (always remember Fair Housing!) and schedule, no fee alerts with Feedly, Mention.com, or Google Alerts (just to name three but there are many services available). 

Q1 Priming Challenge #2: Set up real estate-related newsfeed alerts and reach out to any impacted businesses (call, send social media messages, mail, visit in a socially distant way, etc.) to offer your services.

What incentives and deals exist currently in the housing market that may not be present in the new year?  

This question can be answered with the newsfeed alerts I suggested above but also by getting to know, like and trust the builders, lenders, and other housing vendors in your area. Every time an agent I coach shares on social media or via email a savvy, money-saving or money-expanding tip that is unknown/little known to the general public, I witness them generate new business. You can too! 

Q1 Priming Challenge #3: Connect with a different reputable real estate vendor each week and share their wisdom with your audiences (whether via email, social media, mail, etc.) and in your marketing ads (e.g. Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.).

These three questions should have your thinking 'wheels' turning. But don't stop there. Here are some of my favorite strategies to plan for 2021 (enjoy complimentary access, score!):

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