The Secret to Getting Comfortable with Conversations on Race + Real Estate

As featured in REALTOR® Magazine.   

Do your neck and shoulders tighten when someone mentions race in the context of real estate?   

Does your fight, flight, freeze, or fawn instinct go full throttle when discussions shift towards discrimination and fair housing?  

There is a way to get comfortable (not complacent), embrace and invite conversations, particularly on fair housing, that may be uncomfortable. 


In this excerpt from the John L. Scott Real Estate Industry Forum held August 27, 2020, I tackle embracing such timely and crucial conversations through addressing:

+ What my Peloton bike has taught me about this moment (not as random as it may sound!)

+ What one of the Original ‘Rosie the Riveters’ can teach us about fair housing for all 

+ How did we get here? The historical impact race has had on homeownership options

+ Plus, several action steps to lean into the discomfort of this moment to champion fair housing for all

Thank you John L. Scott Real Estate for being an unapologetic realty leader and partner in keeping this necessary and, at times difficult, conversation front and center. 

Watch the full inspiring talk on the John L. Scott Real Estate Facebook Page (click here) with insights from the visionary Lennox Scott and the energetic Simon T. Bailey. This is truly a discussion that every realty firm will gain much from and would do well to have at this pivotal moment!

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