How to Get Off the "Revenue Rollercoaster" and Stabilize Your Sales (MOD Interview)

Rollercoasters look cool until they are in your sales numbers!
If you are like me, rollercoasters are less welcoming and exciting the older you get. As a 'young'un', I remember my happy anticipation when I was finally tall enough to ride the Demon Drop at Cedar Point (Ohio!). Honestly, I even got excited to ride the less thrilling Pirate Ship at the annual State Fair. But now, I'd rather not be whipped around. Real talk, I don't even like the express elevators that can take you to the top of a highrise in seconds.

No matter your opinion on amusement park rides (or speeding elevators, ha!), I know an area that probably no one in business likes to experience extreme highs and extreme lows... our income. But that is just the nature of the sales beast, right? 

You want to know a secret. Working in sales does not have to be a perpetual rollercoaster ride or follow the infamous feast or famine death sentence model. You can choose to get off. 

Check out this lively discussion in the video below that my new friend, Daniel Ramsey (founder and CEO of MyOutDesk) and I had for actionable steps to outgrow the uncertainty of the "revenue rollercoaster".

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