10 Well-Meaning Mistakes that May Inadvertently Get You Sued Doing Video-Chat Tours

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For years, the mantra "video is king" has been seen as the currency of social media and progressive entrepreneurs. But it has also been an optional currency. 

Now, as we have seen across all industries, video is no longer optional but essential to communication while social distancing [ICYMI c.f. all of the news programs, classrooms, churches and business meetings being conducted via iPhone and laptop video]. 

Social Distancing Has Normalized Video
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As a silver lining during this unconventional season, video is becoming more of a default, socially required setting. That means that those that have previously felt insecure about being on camera are getting over themselves. Those that saw videos as inferior to a firm handshake are realizing the need for virtual touches too. And, those that did not have the time, have it. This means that real estate pros that have been slow to adopt video before social distancing now get to catch up, which helps our entire industry to thrive instead of being outdone by new fangled disruptive technology.

That is all well and good but video can also be a double-edged sword by getting us in trouble and the video being the very thing that incriminates us. Cue Scooby-Doo: "Ruh-roh!"

You may have seen various advice on how to help clients get the most out of video tours such as this post, which gets an A+ on asking questions that clients want to know. But, unfortunately, how we answer those and similar questions posed can expose us to violating policies and laws.

Have you exposed yourself when all you are trying to do is serve during this new normal? Find out with this... wait for it... video -- oh the irony!

Repetition is good for learning so to recap some of the "biggies", you or your team can face trouble when you do not stay current on the video policy/parameters of your local real estate commission, do not get permission in writing, if you are not a home inspector but act as one, and give subjective answers instead of letting your video or official documents from the seller, county, and the like do the talking.  We know these things when we are not in crisis-mode but during these critical times, it is even more important that we ground ourselves and remember the basics.

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