October Tricks and Treats: New 2020 Prospecting Planning in Less than 9 Minutes

Excerpt from Goal Digger Workshop and featured on Inman News (Got 10 minutes? Create your 2020 prospecting plan Here are a few tricks (and treats) for getting ahead of next year's lead generation plan this October). 

While most people think of goblins and ghouls as October approaches, I and my real estate coaching clients think of preparing for the New Year.

"Why so early?" I know you must be wondering.

Because it's not fair to our families and friends or even realistic to think that the time we normally spend with them in November and December can just magically be redirected to an all-out, no holds barred focus on business. O.G. agents know neglecting family and friends, as well as downtime, can lead to burnout, breakdowns, blow-ups and flaring resentments. Those are drama scenes I am sure you would like to avoid. That means October (September if you can really get ahead of the curve) is the time to get ready for a productive new year.

To get ahead of the holidays and starting trick and treating #adultstyle, check out 2020 New Prospect Planning in Less Than 9 Minutes with this video and complete my Goal Digger handouts below (click here for a PDF printable file: bit.ly/goaldiggerhandout):

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