QUIZ: Will Your Social Media Land You in A Hot-Mess šŸ„µšŸ’©?

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Have you been sucked into the vortex of what I call the “Wild, Wild West” of social media? That's a dangerous place for your business to stay.

The “Wild, Wild West” of social media is where anything and everything seems to have been allowed in marketing your real estate business online -- from harmless quirky costumes (see here) to illegally redlining areas (see here). 

Screenshot of a Current Year Article Encouraging a Fair Housing Violation ("10 Reasons Why You Are Not Generating Real Estate Clients Online") -- my notes in red

But it's a new day and our sheriffs (the regulatory bodies) are being much more proactively in banning (see here), blocking, fining (from $450 to a jaw-dropping $5 Billion) and even jailing offenders. I know you don't want to lose the traction you have gained on social media, pay fines, and definitely not serve jail time over a freakin’ social media post. Am I right?

Then, today is the day to clean up your social media act.  But where do you begin?

Here is a quick quiz to help (poll closes 8.30.2019 to tally the results):

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How did you score?  

If you have questions about your answers versus the best answers, then check out the complimentary Master Class: Will Your Social Media Land You in a Hot-Mess?

And, also see the broker breakdown of this survey: click here

Remember, you are held to a higher standard than what the client prefers.  Thus, make sure you abide by the law (there is no shame in taking a refresher course from your local real estate commission) and explain it to your clients. This is your business, livelihood, and life, not theirs.  

"So and so made me do it," will not absolve you from guilt — this is real life, not kindergarten. Because ignorance of the law is no excuse. And, picking and choosing the law can get you reported.   Remember, the advertising you do for a property cannot exclude protected classes—and state laws often include more classes than the federal law.

LawAtlas (http://bit.ly/messfreestates) has a handy tool for searching state Fair Housing protections but please be sure to keep current with the laws and rules in the area(s) where you work for the most accurate and timely information.

In sum, ignorance of the law is no excuse, and picking and choosing how you adhere to the law can get you reported. In other words, do not participate in the "Wild, Wild West of Social Media" any longer. It's the place where you can get blocked, banned, fined or even jailed because of what you post (or is posted on your behalf) on social media as a real estate licensee. Ugh šŸ˜‘ .

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