One Size Never Fits All: Dr. Lee Named One of the "26 Top Real Estate Coaches That Can Help Improve Your Sales"

The year was 2008.  

I was tired of working in a church basement doing mind-numbing administrative tasks.  So I quit.  

I grew up in a family of real estate investors and was managing an apartment building I bought a couple years prior so it made sense to me to jump into real estate full-time by getting my sales license.  Unfortunately, I timed it just right that I started in sales as the WORLD's ECONOMY was collapsing -- yikes!  That meant it was "do or die" -- I had no choice but to make this a viable career.  However, with the real estate market spiraling, the traditional methods of door-knocking and cold-calling were not working for me.

To "drum up" business, I did something unconventional for the time.  I got on Facebook.  I was told that Facebook was for only kids/teenagers, a fad/a "one-hit wonder" and a waste of time if I wanted to grow my business.  

Well, thankfully by the end of 2008, those words proved to be oh so wrong.  I could not keep up with the leads so I had to start building a team.  But during all of this, I learned something.  That having a sales business is not a recipe with one size fitting all -- all people, markets, or seasons.  I was asked by my then managing brokers to share my strategies at the office by teaching some classes.  The more I talked to other agents, I realized my story was not unique in that they too had been told to fit a cookie-cutter mold that just was not a good fit for their season of life to achieve the desired business growth.  

That was the beginning.

I have made it my mission for the last several years to help agents learn how to customize (thereby maximizing) their lead generation to incorporate their past careers, interests, hobbies, educational background and everyday life.  I wish someone had helped me do that and then I might not have gotten so many bumps and bruises going to the "school of hard-knocks".  

I cannot change the past but you better believe I can change the future for upcoming entrepreneurs dealing with the same struggles.  Thus, I do not take it lightly each time I have been named a top national real estate coach/educator (6 national honors in the last 4 years).  

Thank you and here's to YOUR success!

Dr. Lee Named One of the "26 Top Real Estate Coaches That Can Help Improve Your Sales"

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