Boss Ladies: From Qualified But "Sidelined" to Making What You Are Worth

Have you ever wondered how to get a “seat at the table”? 

Or, are you a Wom-Entrepreneur making your OWN table? 

Wish you knew what to do to ensure your pay reflects the value you bring to the table? 

Then don't miss this episode 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 


excellent; outstanding.
LADIES -- noun
 a term of respect for all women.

Calling all Boss Ladies! If you have ever wanted your own real life (not just imaginary) panel of trusted, inspiring, and “at the top of their game” advisors, here you go!  Why? Because most working women crave guidance from SUPPORTIVE women that have gone before them a.k.a. they desire their own Board of Directors (BOD).  Sometimes the “school of hard knocks” is unavoidable but other times all we need is just one word to help us stay on track and avoid a mess. This show gives you just that by featuring the unique perspectives of various Boss Ladies of various industries each episode.

This episode’s Board of Directors include:

Jana Khamo
Director of Digital/Social for several FOX TV shows including Dish Nation & Divorce Court
LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram: @JanaKhamo

Kenisha Robnett, CCIM, MRED
Executive Vice President of RE/MAX Platinum Access Commercial Real Estate
Instagram: @Kenisha.Robnett.Realestate

Mehrnush Saadat, Esq.
Owner of Blue Ink Title
Instagram & Facebook: @blueinktitle

Host: Dr. Lee Davenport
International Real Estate & Business Educator
Instagram & Facebook: @LearnWithDrLee

Filmed on location at Roam Innovative Workplace: Perimeter by Jae Productions LLC.

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