Is Your Business April Fool-PROOF? 5 Questions to Ask

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Ahhh... April 1st.

It is the start of Q2.

It is also April Fool's Day. 

I know you were not raised to be a fool so let's check if your business is foolproof. Here are 5 questions to do just that.

Reflect on 2019 Quarter 1 and answer:

1. How much time weekly did you spend finding new business (a.k.a. lead generation)?  
Hint: If your answer is zero and you are not on a team, you may experience a business "drought" more often than necessary.  Consistent time generating quality leads lends to consistent business.

2. How many activities did you weekly do to generate leads? 
Hint: From our research (click here), top producers usually do at least 5 lead generation activities consistently (weekly).

3. How many leads did you generate weekly and which activities were the most effective? 
Hint: It typically takes about 10 quality leads per week to reach a GCI of $100,000.  If your desired income is greater, use multiples of this (e.g. to reach $200,000 that is, on average, 20 leads per week and so forth). 

4. How many follow-up contacts did you make weekly?  
Hint: Your follow-up can include calls, texts, emails, visits, social media messages, mail, and even morse code if that is how your database responds. The key is that your database should have responded to the follow-up (e.g. sending an unanswered email does not count). 

5.  In Quarter 2, how will you weekly improve on your lead generation and follow-up based on the above questions?  
Hint: Challenge yourself for Q2 to weekly do ten times the activity (particularly that which was most effective) you did in Q1 for each of the above questions.  And, if you had 0 as an answer to any question, do not let yourself off easy (yes, 0 X 10 is still 0) and cheat your success.   Treat all zeros as ones and start with doing 10 in each of these categories. 

Why?  For most markets, spring is a very busy time of year for both selling and buying so your overall 2019 productivity will likely surge if you commit to doing more effective lead generation and follow-up than you normally do.  To understand the importance of doing ten times more, check out Grant Cardone's book 10X, which is the book of the month for the Readers are Leader Book Club (click here to learn more).  And, check out April 2019's #LearnWithLee masterclass video series for more on foolproofing your business:
Sound off - I would love to hear from you!  Give me a shout on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+ or by visiting LearnWithLee.Realtor.  
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