Entrepreneurs: Are You Watching This Must-See TV?

Whether you are in the start-up or "crushing it" stage of the business lifecycle, The Atlanta Small Business Show (Saturdays at 10:30 am on PeachtreeTV or Sundays on CBS46) is a must watch for all entrepreneurs, especially my beloved "solo-preneurs". 

And, don't be fooled by Atlanta in the name since I know you may be in another part of the world. The tips and guests include leading experts throughout the nation interviewed by my new friends, Jim and Bridget Fitzpatrick.

I have actually time-blocked (can I invent that verb? lol) this into my Saturday morning routine so that I don't miss an episode (I know I can watch it online anytime but there is still something exciting about watching a weekly show to me).

Not in Atlanta? Not Near a TV?
If you would rather watch it online, click below to see the segment I was featured (thanks for having me, MyASBN!) on this inspiring and idea-stoking show: 

Originally Posted On (visit here to see the other features too): https://www.myasbn.com/small-business/growth-strategy/why-your-personality-is-the-greatest-asset-for-your-business-dr-lee-davenport-author-of-profit-with-your-personality/

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