The Salesperson's Struggle: Why vs. How

You love houses.  Or, maybe you love the generational wealth potential of real estate as an investment vehicle.  Perhaps you love the thrill of connecting with new people and helping them navigate one of their most expensive transactions successfully.

Now, however, whatever got you involved in residential real estate sales may be a distant memory if you are struggling to generate leads (a.k.a. new business contacts and prospects). "Why?" you wonder.  Why am I not successful yet?  Why did I think I could do this? Why am I not a top producer?  Why did the "failproof" method of "Sally Sales-A-Lot" (the local top producer) NOT work for me?  You are plagued with wondering why.   You may even feel hopeless and have started your search online for job positions that will allow you to return to your former work life or help you start a second, third or fourth career.


What if you can generate leads necessary to have a thriving residential real estate sales business but you just do not know how to do so yet?  The key question to ask here is not simply why but rather how.  How can I succeed in this career?  How can I become a top producer?  How can I hit my business goals? 

"The answers are all out there, we just need to ask the right questions."

-- Oscar Wilde

 "Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers."

-- Anthony Robbins

It's not, Do I have the right personality? or Why is it so hard for me to cold call, door-knock, or use social media?  How can I be so certain?  I had an opportunity to study some of the top 1,000 residential real estate sales agents in the U.S. for my doctoral research.  Guess what I found?  All four DISC personality types (even the introverts!) were represented among individual top producers, those making $500K plus annually.  Check out the full results in the peer-reviewed publication, Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education.

Asking why may leave us feeling inadequate as if we are not good enough for this career. Whereas wondering how often empowers us to proactively seek and execute a solution.  The how that I found among the nation’s top producers can change how you see lead generation. 

Your Turn

I want to challenge you to ask better questions, ESPECIALLY if you are not seeing the results you desire in your sales.  You can do more than you know… so transform what you know by asking how!  Then seek out the courses, articles (like this one of the 29 Underrated Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for 2019) books, and mentors that can deliver the how.  

Make it your goal this week to meet one sales leader (who is where you want to be), read one new book, and take one class that teaches you something you do not know.

Want more of the best practices of our nation's top producers? Grab your copy of the short read, Profit with Your Personality. And, be sure to share with your favorite salesperson a copy of the classic 5-star rated workbook, Plan to Win, to transform their real estate sales game plan.  Here's to your success!

Sound off - I would love to hear from you!  Give me a shout on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+ or by visiting LearnWithLee.Realtor.  
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