How to Strike Instagram Gold with this Overlooked Feature

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Are you doing it for the 'Gram yet? 

I understand if you do not personally want to get caught up in the foolishness but you can be all about business, using Insta' to grow your lead generation and easily follow-up with your database.

Do you struggle with understanding its importance?  Instagram (IG, the 'Gram, Insta') has MORE engagement than Facebook and Twitter.  Kylie Jenner credits social media (with Instagram being her most vocal site) as being the catalyst for her "youngest 'self-made' billionaire" status.  It stands to reason that if you have seen your business grow on Facebook or Twitter, just think what can happen on IG.  Nevermind that Instagram is owned by Facebook (since 2012) because it has not (thankfully) become Facebook's "mini-me" clone.

Check out this video on more of why IG should be in your business' marketing mix:

Okay so IG is the place to be but how can your business get in on the 'gold rush'?  Here is a free IG features that you should employ EVERY. TIME. YOU. POST.

Make IG Stories a Lead Generator

IG Stories have now passed more than 500 million daily actives.  But, just knowing that number means nothing if it does not translate into business.   Enter: IG Stories polling feature. Polls in IG Stories can be used strategically to connect and re-connect with IG users.  Often, people use polls for random shenanigans but we can make sure our shenanigans have a "moral of the story" -- business growth.

Here is a quick video example of how you can use IG Stories polling feature:

To recap:

1. Ask a captivating question based on your business and give two answer options that help you to identify potential leads.

2. Follow-up with the potentials.

With one IG Stories' poll post, you could potentially walk away with several leads.  Undoubtedly, you have struck gold!

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