I DARE You to Grow Your Business in 2019

"Great leaders are seldom blindsided. They realize that the punch that knocks them out is seldom the hard one -- it's the one they didn't see coming. Therefore, they are always looking for signs and indicators that will give them insight into the problem ahead and their odds of fixing it... Pay attention to your intuition and follow up when something strikes you." ~The Maxwell Daily Reader by John Maxwell

You may currently have a gut feeling to take a course of action as 2019 approaches. Hopefully, this excerpt gives you the courage to follow your instincts. 

In preparation for 2019, my friends at Follow-Up Boss asked me for their blog (see the full post here):

What's the biggest real estate trend impacting the industry next year?

My response: According to PWC (https://www.pwc.com/us/en/asset-management/real-estate/assets/pwc-emerging-trends-in-real-estate-2019.pdf), it's transformation and I absolutely agree! Agents and home sellers in some markets are already seeing a slow down in bidding wars and an uptick in iBuyers. Then, when you couple this with the promise (or threat) of rising interest rates, trade wars, and a changing job market, the clear word is transformation. 

Right now I am working with the different agents and firms where I coach to not be blindsided by any of the coming trends but to be prepared. That old adage of "doing the same things but expecting different results is insanity" will be turned on its head in 2019. For 2019, many of us REALTORS® that do the same things we have always done to grow our businesses will NOT work the same way. Many may be frustrated by the transformation but again, the key is to prepare now and develop a forward-thinking business plan that transforms with the changing market and times. 

I DARE you to do grow your business in 2019 in light of all of this. Check out this video to get you motivated:
I Dare You to Grow Your Business in 2019 with These 4 Simple Habits, part 1 from Dr. Lee Davenport on Vimeo.

Here's to a truly Happy New Year!

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