Questions to Ask When You Don't Know What You Don't Know

What are you learning NEW? If you are stuck in a loop of wake | work, then the end of the year is a great time to shake the doldrums up with something new.  

But HOW do you know what you don't know? Reflect on these questions to help:

📌 How much time do you spend weekly on finding new business (aka lead generation)? Ideal minimum =>10+ hours

📌 How many activities do you do weekly to generate leads? Ideal minimum of top producers is 5.

📌 How many leads do you generate weekly? Ideal minimum is ??? to average $100k per year -- for multiples, such as $500k, multiply the number of lead by your multiplier (in this instance 5).

If you answer to any of these questions was 😳😬🙄, then that means you need to improve your lead generation strategy.  Look for marketing and lead generation conferences, classes, videos (like these: or books that can help you improve this area.

📌 How many follow-up contacts (e.g. call, text, visit/meet, email, social media, mail, even smoke signals 😂) do you make weekly? 
Ideal minimum is 10 to average $100k per year -- for multiples, such as $500k, multiply the number of lead by your multiplier (in this instance 5).

📌 How many of those follow-up contacts answer/reply? Should be at least 50%. If not, then your method (e.g. email vs. call) may need to change to fit their preferences and may need to have a more compelling lead magnet/item of value.

📌 How many of these leads have gotten to closing? Minimum should be 10% of the total leads or you need to improve you target marketing and message.

📌 With how many of the non-closed leads are you still actively following up? Should be 100%.  If not then, either you need to improve the quality of your leads (see the lead generation section above) or adopt a system to follow up (e.g. CRM).

📌 How much time do you spend on follow-up weekly? Ideal minimum is around 3 hours (at least 15 minutes per person for 10).

📌 How often do you check/use your CRM? Ideal minimum is EVERY day that you are working (take a break on off days and holidays)! If it's less because of anything other than your assistant or team checks it, then you may need a more user-friendly option or someone to do data entry of all your contacts.

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