Top Producer Playbook: From Track Suits to Tailored Suits with Rod Williams

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What does it take to be a top producer?  There is no magic, work-free formula but there are habits and principles of top producers that you can "borrow" from their playbooks. 

Today's playbook features the determined and inspiring Rod Williams.  What makes Rod a top producer?  Yes, Rod is ranked #2 overall in his brokerage firm of approximately 1700 agents (his third consecutive year in the top 3).  Yes, Rod is in the top 5% for the entire metro Atlanta REALTOR Association (where real estate is booming).  But more importantly, he helps his clients live the #americandream of homeownership and real estate wealth-building.

Rod's sales production success.

What does a week in your business look like (i.e. How do you generate leads/how do you nurture/convert them)? 
A week in my business usually begins with an hour of preparation on Sunday. Although I like to reserve my weekends for family, I still carve out time to glance at my calendar of appointments for the upcoming week. During the work week, my day usually starts at 7:30am in my home office making calls and sending/responding to emails. I've found lead generating to be most productive from 8am - 9am. A large percentage of my business comes from my sphere of influence and referrals from current and past clients. With that in mind, my lead generation consists of daily communication with 20 - 30 contacts in my database.

Your Coaching Playbook: Whenever I connect with either new or struggling agents, their number of contacts may barely be 20-30 contacts a week or, worse yet, a month.  Rod is truly a star by making this a daily workday habit.  But do not feel #workshamed.  Know that you can and should start today -- that is the great thing about each new day you are blessed with in life.  

What time(s) of day works for you to connect and reconnect with 20-30 contacts?  Rod obviously is a morning person but you may not be and that is okay.  The biggest lesson from Rod's scheduling success is his consistency -- create a schedule that allows you to be consistent.

What motivates you each day? 
My #1 motivation is knowing my son is watching my every move. I'm also motivated by helping my clients achieve their real estate goals.

Rod is committed to the success of his clients.

Your Coaching Playbook: Rod did not hesitate to share his "why" and neither should you!  Why are you in the real estate industry?  What motivates you to keep going when things get crazy, hectic, and frustrating?  I have asked various RE professionals this at different stages in their careers and some don't know, realizing this really is not the career for them.  Others have realized that their "why" is more important than momentarily hurdles so they double-down and become stronger in business.

Let your "why" anchor and propel you in times of disappointment.

What advice do you have for a RE pro struggling? 
First, determine what's the root cause of the struggle. My advice is to get a mentor or coach that's proven in the industry. It's also equally important to have good relationships with other agents. Focus on daily lead generating, attending as much training as possible to present yourself as a knowledgeable agent.

Your Coaching Playbook: In light of these great points from Rod, now it's time to be real with yourself.  Seriously ask yourself:
1. What was your production over the last 12 months?  
2. Did you reach your goal? Why or why not? 
3. What should you have done weekly to improve (i.e. more calls, go to office sales meetings, etc.)? Be realistic based on the other demands on your schedule (e.g. health, family, etc.).  
4. What did you do weekly that worked?  Keep doing this!
5. What did you do sporadically that would have worked with more consistency?  Find time in your schedule to do this more!
6. What do you need to giveaway/outsource or collaborate (i.e. marketing, social media, open houses, mailing, transaction management, etc.)?  
7. What do you need to learn and from who?

Track Suits to Tailored Suits

What are your favorite biz tools/resources/apps? 
Believe it or not, my favorite apps are the free iPhone apps most people overlook. The iPhone Calendar, Reminders, and Notes apps are my most frequently used apps. Those basic 3 apps keep me organized and efficient while managing multiple clients simultaneously.

Your Coaching Playbook: Technology can be our friend when we use it and it works!  Whether you use the latest and greatest CRM (customer relationship management) app or the included apps on your phone like Rod, the key is USE. As Rod mentioned earlier, he spends time at the start of each work week and each work day, organizing his work.  

What is the best time for you to plan your next work week or work day?  For some it is in the evening, others it's midday, and others it's the morning.  Do you! 

I want to challenge you to not be in "track suit" mode in your business where you spend only time reacting to transactions and referrals, throwing on something quick.  Think about the times when you are running around doing errands in your favorite sneakers -- it took you just a few seconds to prepare and you look stylish but you may get turned away from certain events that require more planned formal attire.  Now think about the times when you have planned to wear a tailored suit.  Have you noticed that the extra planning had people more readily open doors for you and you give less of your time to things not befitting the attire? Likewise, suit up in business with a proactive plan and schedule so that you are not held hostage to transactions or people.  Rod, like you is busy, but he has learned to give his time (we all have the same 24 hours!) to the people and things most important to him and his future.

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