Are You "Stable Mable" or "Unstable Ursula"?

If you can’t figure out why what “Sally Sales-A-Lot” (a.k.a. your neighborhood top producer) uses works so well for her but not for you, then I want to challenge you to think differently. 

One size does not fit all when it comes to lead generation! Instead of simply copying someone’s else lead generation technique, I have learned personally and by studying some of the top 1000 agents in the nation that it is vital to “play to your strengths”. This video series "PROFIT WITH YOUR PERSONALITY: LEAD GENERATION EDITION" will help you do just that.

This month, this series is exploring the Steady Personality Type of the DiSC Profile, which is what I like to call, "Stable Mable".  Learn more about this personality type, especially if it describes you, and what lead generation tips are ideal for business growth.

Interested in reading more about how you can Profit with Your Personality and the research behind my theory? Grab the book:

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Want more of the best practices of our nation's top producers? Grab your copy of the short read, Profit with Your Personality and, the classic, 5-star rated workbook, Plan to Win, to transform their real estate sales game plan. Or, get your "training on" with these on-demand classes.  Here's to your success! #LearnWithLee
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Transform your real estate sales game plan with our latest tools for your business, PROFIT WITH YOUR PERSONALITY and the classic workbook PLAN TO WIN! Get your copies today!

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