Making Balance the New Normal


One definition for balance by Merriam-Webster is a pleasing or suitable arrangement of parts.  I like this definition because it destroys the notion that balance means everything is perfect in your life.

Have you ever smiled and felt true satisfaction from your work and life, despite things not being perfect?  In essence, you were pleased with your journey, your progress -- you found balance.  

This type of balance -- contentment without complacency -- should be our new normal.

If it is hard for you to smile, then listen in on Jordan Scheltgen of Cave Social Inc. chat with me for the Leaders in Real Estate podcast (NO FEE).  We have a great conversation on reaching balance, whether you are starting your career or are a seasoned pro.

Check out the full interview on the Leaders in Real Estate's podcast by clicking here (don't forget to subscribe to hear other interviews like the #realtalk with Chris Smith of Curaytor).  Not an "Applehead" but still want to check it out?  Visit the Leaders in Real Estate SoundCloud website.

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