Spring Cleaning: 11 Questions to Make Your Lead-Gen Strategy Surge

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Do you have the ritual of cleaning house or your closet when the seasons change?  Depending on your personality, you may do this cheerfully or grudgingly.  You declutter. You find treasures that you forgot you had. You may even give things away to others. And once it is done, I am sure, like me, you feel like a burden has been lifted.  

Well, it's time to lift some of the burdens of business too!  

Things that are not tended to regularly can become obsolete, stale, and downright funky.  If you have not cleaned your business house for a while here are 11 questions related to lead generation that will help get the funk off and out.

1. How many leads per week do you generate?
If you are new to this, set an initial goal of generating 10 new leads (with good contact information) a week.  Within 12 months, you will have 520 new contacts and if you have the right follow-up strategy, a pipeline of closings.

2. What activities are you currently doing to generate leads?
For my doctoral research were I studied some of the top 1000 agents in the nation (yes, those making 30 Million+ seemingly in their sleep), one critical key was that they all had at least 5-7 lead generation activities they did weekly.  If you are doing only 1, grow your wheelhouse.  By the way, cold calling Expireds, FSBOs and Withdrawns is considered 1 activity (cold calling), not 3.  Just like being active on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat is only 1 activity (social media), not 3.

3. How much time do you spend each day on these activities?
If you can answer less than 1 hour most days, then that is not enough! Try to find more time because remember you want at least 10 new leads a week.

4. Which activities do you enjoy the most?
If you are a "solo-preneur", meaning you are not part of team and don't have an assistant, then how you spend your time is critical because it is limited.  Often, we stick with the activities we like.  And guess what I found among some of the top 1000 agents in my research?  They do the lead generation activities that fit their personality.

5. Which activities do you enjoy the least?
I don't think you got into real estate, to wake up dreading the day.  Likely, you left your past career for the enjoyment and freedom factors. So this is a key question to answer honestly as we "clean house".

6. How many leads per week do you generate from each activity?
Let's stop the "treadmill effect" where you are busy moving but going nowhere fast.

7. How many of your leads get to the closing table (and close!)?
Divide the number of leads that gets closed by the total number of leads you get.  Make a short-term goal to get this number to at least 25%; mid-term 50%, and long-term 75%.

8. Which lead generation activities have gotten you to the closing table?
These have been your money makers so it is time to put them front and center.

9. Which activities are both enjoyable and have gotten you to the closing table?
These are likely your critical money moves for the next 12 months so pay close attention.

10. What would happen if you spent more time on each activity that is both enjoyable and generates the higher quantity & quality of leads?
Let's stop the "treadmill effect" where you are busy moving but going nowhere fast.  This will increase your efficiency but also your effectiveness, giving you more time for your other interests.

11. How can you giveaway (outsource or hire help for) the activities you least enjoy?
Sorry, folks.  You do not get a cookie for being an "army of one" but you may get frustrated and fatigued.  You are in business so like a business owner, prepare to scale up even if that means using an intern from a local college.

Once you have answered these questions, plot your new plan with this exclusive tool used with my coaching clients (by the way, the "sizzle" section should be were you identify both best practices and innovative ideas to own each activity as your own): http://bit.ly/surgeschedule
Sound off - I would love to hear from you!  Give me a shout on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+ or by visiting LearnWithLee.Realtor.  

Learn more about the Strategy Surge Plan by clicking here: http://bit.ly/strategysurge. Here's to your success! #LearnWithLee
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