Quiz: Is Your Follow-Up Broken?

Excerpt from The 4 Laws of Follow-Up Class. As featured in REALTORMag YPN blog.  

Have you ever heard the saying, 'If it's not broke, don't fix it"?  Yet, have you ever noticed you don't know what you don't know?  

Perhaps a method or strategy (or lack thereof) is really broken, yet because we did not know it could be any other way, we leave things as they are.

Using the poll option in Instagram Stories (which is a great lead generation tool by the way), I proposed, "If you don't know where you next deal is, you need a new strategy".  An overwhelming percent of responders (41%) said: "If it's not broke, don't fix it".  The problem, however, is that something is clearly broken if you are using a strategy, or lack thereof, that elicits NO results.

That sounds backward and it is.

Unfortunately, when it comes to our follow-up strategy, some of us are using methods (keeping in mind doing nothing is also a method!) that are broken and we don't know things can be another way, a better way.

Here is a quiz to determine if your follow-up may be broken:

In case the embedded form above looks odd on your device, here are the questions: 

How much exclusive time do you devote weekly to follow-up?  Be honest.  If you can say zero, then grade this question with a zero.

When you follow-up, how often is the content timely, relevant and valuable?  In other words, how often does your content speak to the person's or business' specific situation (e.g. having triplets, opening a fifth location, downsizing, etc.)?  Be honest.  If you can say never, then grade this question with a zero.

What automation are you using that has made follow-up truly easier and more efficient?  Be honest.  If you can say none, then grade this question with a zero.

Which of your business inefficiencies have you given away to a competent company, assistant or partner?  Be honest.  If you can say none, then grade this question with a zero.

If you had any zeros on this quiz, then you are likely ignoring The 4 Laws of Follow-Up.  The following is an overview of the laws from my 4 Laws of Follow-Up workshop.

How can you improve your answers to these questions?  These improvements will help you fix your follow-up starting today!

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