Go for Unbroke in 2018

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I love a good challenge that helps me to work smarter in my business.  How about you?  Well, I am challenging you for the New Year to go beyond "going for broke" and "go for unbroke".  No more "feast or famine".  Stop involuntary income rollercoaster rides.  Make 2018 your best year yet!

If you are a veteran of real estate, I encourage you to take an hour and reflect on these questions:

1. What brought me new business in 2017?

2. How can I realistically double those things in 2018?

3. What brought me repeat business in 2017?

4. How can I try to triple those things in 2018?

5. What seemed to cripple my business in 2017? In other words, what needs improvement?

6. How can I make sure those issues are minimized, eliminated, or improved in 2018?

Whether you are a rookie or an experienced real estate agent or broker, I want to further challenge you to complete these 4 strategies on this infographic.  Make 2018 your year to GO ALL-IN:

Pay close attention to #2 because only about 12% of other agents and brokers admit to giving local, specific items of value.  Translation: You can clean up on missed opportunities by others if you really implement this strategy.  Check out this complimentary explanation video to further this point:

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