How to Show the Value of Staging in Under 5 Minutes

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Top of mind -- are you achieving this position with your prospects that eventually will need to sell a home? 

Sure, you can print the standard CMA report from your MLS that every other agent is using but that will not differentiate you.  The only way to be memorable is to offer value above and beyond anyone else being considered for the role of real estate pro.  And I'll tell you a seller secret: if you don't have any previous ties to the seller (a.k.a. a friend of a friend, past neighbor, etc.), meaning she doesn't know you from "Adam", then you are likely NOT the only agent being considered.  Thus, your ability to stand out and apart from the next agent is crucial.

Here's a way that you can set yourself apart with a potential, highly motivated home seller that recognizes her need for staging: use Amazon's new AR View

With the Amazon App, you can focus your iPhone's camera on a bare area of the room and quickly add your "go-to" pieces to add some irresistible style.  Show this to your prospective home seller and even enlarge it on their big screen if they have Apple TV.  Then, on your iPhone, take a screenshot of the room's new look.  From there, you can add the screenshot to a follow-up greeting card (I love the JustWink app for personalized mailings like this), letter or email that you send the homeowner later that day (lead magnet idea alert), helping you to stand out and stay top of mind.

Step 1: Simply open the Amazon app and in the upper right-hand corner click the camera icon (currently only available on iPhone 6s and higher with iOS 11).

Step 2: Select AR view.

Step 3: Select the first item (from furniture to wall art and everything in-between) you want to add to the room.

Step 4: Focus on the bare area of the room and drag the object to the desired spot.

Step 5: Take a screenshot.

Step 6: Amaze your real estate prospects by sharing your screen, preferably on a larger screen like a TV using Apple TV.

Showing up for a listing appointment is the easy part; standing out and being memorable is the part that takes creativity.  This is especially true if you are a newer agent trying to make a mark in an already saturated area.  The issue is not that the other agents have been doing this for 20 plus years but rather what are you doing differently to make the home selling process more effective or efficient?

Using Amazon's AR View is different and lets you work efficiently in the moment -- you don't have to wait days to simulate how a room can transform with the right furniture placement or decor. 

What are you doing in your business that helps you to work smarter and stand out from the competition?

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