Possible Tech Trends: Alexa, How Much is My Home Worth?

Originally Posted 10/12/2017

It's 2017 and social media is saturated with real estate.  This makes it "an uphill battle" for real estate pros, particularly, newbies to stand out and have a voice.  As we approach a new year, you may be looking for new ways to generate leads and to stand apart from the crowd.

My Echo Show
A new contender for consumer's attention is Amazon's Echo with voice-assistant, Alexa.  Should you have your "skills" (that's Amazon's word for apps) on Alexa?  If you want to connect with a new audience that has not yet been inundated by other real estate pros, the answer is, YES!

Learn more about this potentially powerful new way to get in front of more clients in the full real estate update article available here.  Thanks to Bryson for letting me weigh in on this untapped lead generation market.

UPDATE 10/20/2017

It's one week later from when I made this suggestion and there is already a company who is getting ahead of the curve: Voiceter Pro.  Inman News just posted TODAY that if you are a partner agent with Voiceter Pro, when people ask the Amazon Echo, "Alexa, How much is my home worth?", Voiceter Pro with connect them with partner real estate agents.  

What the what?!?  I JUST said this technology is coming and here it is!  You should not sleep on this -- your business needs to be connected with Alexa to help you generate new leads in the new year.  

I have not vetted Voiceter Pro but you can create your own skill (app) on Alexa or partner with your brokerage.  The key in our business is staying top of mind and that often means being part of the most popular technology.

Here's to the new tech trends in 2018 that are starting now!

Within the same week of my discussion, this technology is here!

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