Ask the Coach: I Still Don't Know How to Use a Hashtag in My Business!

When you need to look something up, what do you do?  Many of us will grab our phone, laptop or computer and do a Google/Bing search.  But wait... you just realized that does not work on social media.  What now?  Will you have to scroll and mine through zillions of accounts, photos, and users to find that something?  

No way, who has time for that!  Instead, all you have to do is a hashtag search.

Wait, a what search?

Yo! It's been 10 years this month since the hashtag has been on the scene.  But, are you still clueless as to how to use it in your business?  Then watch this video to find out how to:

1. Make a hashtag

2. Search with a hashtag

3. Find other relevant hashtags

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