How to Get Leads to Stick to You Like Glue

There it was.  I wanted to keep walking but my eyes zeroed in on it like a bull's eye.  The Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop.  As I walked past, I was sucked in by the pleasant announcement, "Miss, would you like some free samples?"  The samples were scrumptious so I started to explore the store.  Before long, I spent a Jackson and had signed up for their email newsletter.  Twenty dollars in an ice cream and chocolate shop in less than 5 minutes.  Someone call Guinness.

What does that have to do with our real estate businesses?  Everything!

That store realized a foundational rule of business that is vital in real estate too: Lead Magnets.  Lead magnets are your way to attract prospects.  With a lead magnet, we simply offer a relevant item of value that entices would-be clients to give their contact information, welcome follow-up, and eventually become a client.  Providing a unique, relevant item of value is more powerful than simply saying:

"I have my license.  I should be your real estate agent/broker."

"I have been doing this a long time.  I should be your real estate agent/broker."

"I live in your neighborhood.  I should be your real estate agent/broker."

"I am your friend.  I should be your real estate agent/broker."

"I am your relative.  I should be your real estate agent/broker."

Conversely, with an item of value, we move away from "I'm so great, work with me" or "here's what I bring to the table" to "here are SOME resources YOU will enjoy and I will happily share more as our relationship continues and grows".  Do you see the difference?  For brownie points, be sure to tag every resource you provide with your contact details.

Ready to start attracting more would-be sellers or buyers to your business based on the reusable and relevant items of value you provide?  Here are some ideas to help build your lead magnet arsenal:

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