Listing Presentations Apps: Who's the Fairest of Them All?

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What's your strategy to win listings? There are many pieces of the puzzle that wow prospective home sellers from your knowledge, to your experience, to your speaking skills, to your listening ability, to your pricing savviness. But, what puts a pretty bow around all these elements that make your sales business attractive? Your listing presentation software!

And not only does your presentation software help communicate your message in an appealing manner but it also subliminally tells your homeowner, you will take the image and presentation of their home seriously too.

PowerPoint (for PC users) and Keynote (for Mac users) after two decades are still the mainstays in most real estate professionals vocabulary. And they both are perfectly acceptable. But if you want to bring sexy back to your slides, which works to both excite and inspire your clients (and you too after your umpteeth presentation that has you even yawning), then explore two and a half of their fun, younger counterparts. You will understand why I said, "half" as you keep reading...

PowToons is a program that hits your presentations (literally with pows if you insert this feature) with numerous pre-designed slides that feature interesting cartoons and illustrations. Why it rocks for real estate? The graphics are fascinating and captivating! Good graphics can help homeowners swoll the hard pills of reality regarding both the hard numbers and any pricing weaknesses of their home, neighborhood or the market. As a bonus, your finished creation can be saved to YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, Adobe or PowerPoint. With these saving features it is easy to make PowToons videos part of your listing marketing strategy, instead of basic home slide shows.

Prezi is one of the first animated presentation apps to receive widespread adoption by presenters of most industries. They champion the notion that:
"90% of what your  feels comes through your s"

Why it rocks for real estate? Its zooming animation easily impresses and Prezi presents in multiple locations or devices simultanteously. In other words, you can run the presentation from your laptop and it show concurrently on your prospect home seller's TV, tablet, phone or computer, whether they are in the same room or a different state. Same room you say, who needs that? Well, I am sure you know it is not fun for five people to crowd around a 9-inch tablet. This feature means everyone can maintain their personal space, especially during cold season, and see all that you present on their own personal device.

Don't have time to learn something new?  Stick with your tried and true PowerPoint or Keynote and then synchronously present in multiple locations across various devices with Beamium. Michael Steinburg, the Beamium's head of Business Development, shared:

"Beamium is an online presentation software that allows you to share presentations as links or embedded in webpages, pretty much like SlideShare. However, the key element of Bemaium, is that it allows you to CAPTURE LEADS. According to your preferences, Beamium will ask the viewers of your presentation for their verified email address after a certain slide, when downloading the presentation or commenting it. In this way you can capture high-quality leads during your inbound marketing campaigns. So although Beamium is not a software to actually create pitch decks, it does help you reach out to far broader audiences online and capture important contact data. Moreover, if you prefer to present life before the homeowners, Beamium allows you to stream your presentation live onto their notebooks, tablets and even smartphones. Moreover, they can thereafter download it and take a more careful look on what your real estate company has to offer. As simple as that."

But, of course, I could not take just his word for it!  I tested out the software and there was no downloading (which makes it easier to use then most screen sharing, online presentation, or webinar software).  Beamium's lead capture element means that this is not only great for listing presentations but also your home buyer and seller webinars, Facebook Live recorded replays, home photo and video tours, and other presentations you use to grow your business. 

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