Get Off the Hamster Wheel

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With Excerpts from Plan to Win!  

What were your sales goals last year? I... I didn't have any.

Were you happy with your sales results? No, I wanted to sell more!

What are your sales goals this year? I... I don't have any.

How are you going to have a better sales year? I'm so frustrated because I just don't know!

When I meet some real estate sales professionals for the first time, that is often how our conversation goes.

And, frankly, it breaks my heart. That is because I realize that most salespeople are selling to earn a living, whether that means to fund their own or their children's education, care for ailing parents, have a roof over their heads or perhaps to find financial freedom from crippling medical debt. Yet, too often I see folks busy with little or no results.

For some, I call it the "losing hamster wheel race". This is where you do the same things day in and day out but with no movement. Yes, these activities keep you busy and give the illusion that you are making strides. However, in reality, you are in the same place even after a fury of activity. If this describes you or someone on your team, know there is no shame because today can be the start of your new year (although it is not Jan. 1).

For others, I call it the "sales spaghetti method". Back in the day, some creative folks would test whether or not spaghetti was ready to eat by throwing it against the wall to see what sticks. And it worked! However, in real estate sales, where each new method, tech or tool may have a massive price, trying to see what "sticks" can destroy your effectiveness, energy, confidence, and wallet.

Regardless of where you fall if you are not seeing your desired productivity, I want to encourage you to start fresh today with a plan that can salvage the rest of the year. To help, I want to offer you an exclusive item used in my one-on-one and group training sessions. Feel free to download a complimentary copy of the popular and often requested planning worksheet, Plan to Win the Year (

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