Under the Sells-Scope: SEARCH ALLIANCE

You want leads.

You also need a quality website to showcase the real estate listings in your area.

To top it off, you wish your Facebook business page stood out and appealed to home buyers and sellers.

You know all of those conditions can be met by providers but usually separately and at a fairly hefty cost. You resent that. Consequently, you have made your New Years' resolution to stop paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for certain lead generation sites that lock you in for months at a time with lackluster results.

Enter newcomer Search Alliance. Search Alliance has been on the scene for just a few months but already has over 14,000 agents in its network that includes 165 MLS markets and counting. With numbers like those, you may be curious if Search Alliance can benefit your business.  Search Alliance's website asserts:

The first ever national lead network built by agents for agents. Stop losing online traffic. The agent-powered answer to the portals...
Take back control from the portals. Stop paying for poor quality leads! Search Alliance is the only marketing service that delivers lead cost transparency and predictability. How? As a member, you set your own price for network traffic and pay only when a unique visitor is delivered to your site. No risk to you. Traffic originates from the network of tens of thousands of member sites and through cooperative ads targeted to market ready homebuyers and sellers, driving high quality traffic to your site.

Does Search Alliance live up to their claims? Find out by watching today's video of Under the Sells-Scope. I examine the perks of Search Alliance and share my wishlist for this burgeoning network. Check it out below:

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