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Plan to Win!
Listing Leader.  Is that on your New Year's resolution list or business plan for this year? You can do it! And, here are 4 considerations to help:

Out with the Old: Doing the same thing but expecting different results

Are you frustrated with the number of listings you win? Are you really? I ask again because my next question will be very telling: Have you changed/improved your presentation after each failed listing appointment? If you say “no” or not often enough, you may have fallen victim to what I call the "hamster sales wheel chase”. You do the same things when connecting with sellers, expecting to end up somewhere different. The first step to improvement with your listing appointments and really any area of life is to debrief with yourself (or team) after each listing appointment, good and bad. 

In with the New! Reflection time:
1. What do you typically include in your listing presentations?
2. Does your presentation include strong defenses for typical objections (including your rationale for your pricing strategy and commission)?
3. Have there been points where you could tell the seller was “checking out”? Think back to presentation points when you noticed the seller was fidgety, distracted by phone/surroundings, eyes glazed over, yawning and the like.
4. What do you think is needed for a captivating presentation?
5. How much time do you think you have to make a good impression with each seller?
6. Is the format, look and feel of your presentation memorable?
7. What changes can you make? Do you need to find help to achieve this?

Out with the Old: Not differentiating your marketing from the lone seller or typical agent
Sadly, many people think all a residenital real estate salesperson does is snap a few photos for online sites and put a lawn sign in the yard. Even greater is the tragedy that this is all that some salespeople do - yikes! But this creates a great opportunity for you to stand apart and out.

In with the New! Reflection time:
1. How do you promote your listings (including the resources offered by your realty firm)?
How does this meet the needs of a seller?
2. Do you have a visual tool (i.e. a visual map in your listing presentation, etc.) that amplifies your marketing strategy, without giving away the “secret sauce”? The “secret sauce” is when you tell sellers how you market (that’s your trade secret - do not share this!) instead of simply what you use to market. When you give away the “secret sauce” if follows logically that you are not needed because it can be duplicated so do not give this away.
3. How else can you express to sellers the intricacies of your marketing (again without giving away the “secret sauce”)?
4. Have you included glowing, 5-star testimonies in your presentation that speak to your marketing prowess (if new agent, use them from your team and firm)? What additional ones can you add?

Out with the Old: Not asking for a decision until you receive one (i.e. staying in touch)
2nd Choice Doesn't Win Listings :-(
You wait a few days to give the seller time to think.  You call back and hear, "I thought your presentation was great and your my 2nd choice but I have listed my home with..."  What the what?!, you think but calmly respond, "No problem, feel free to call me if it doesn't work out," never to hear from that seller again.

When I coach agents who are superstars at all of the above, we often find they just do not ask for a decision AND follow-up. Two, three, four days go by without a peep to or from the home seller. That allows Sally Sales-A-Lot to swoop in and win the listing instead of you. Let’s change that!

In with the New! Reflection time:
1. If the seller is not ready to commit during the listing presentation, do you immediately schedule a time to follow-up? Hint, hint: You should! This simple step can often be the difference in winning the listing or not.
2. Do you know the seller’s timeframe to list and sell? Once you have this information, mark on your calendar D-day so that you give yourself a deadline for following up within the timeframe that they are open to entertaining salespeople.
3. Have you asked sellers how and when they prefer communication?
4. Are you using an app/software system (aka CRM) that helps you to automate follow-up?
5. If CRMs are too complicated or pricey for you, do you have someone that can help you with follow-up? This would include college interns, family, realty office staff that are allowed to work on agent projects, virtual assistants and the like.

Sound off - I would love to hear from you!  Give me a shout on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+ or by visiting LearnWithLee.Realtor.  And, be sure to tell the real estate agents you know to get a copy of the 5-star rated workbook, Plan to Win, to transform their real estate sales game plan.  Here's to your success!
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