Have You Tapped Your Inner Selling Genius Yet?

"I want to sell houses because I love HGTV!" I hear this from time to time. It makes me cringe like a phone ringing AND the person actually taking the call during a movie (rude!). The statement, like the phone call, is not intrinsically bad but it is misplaced.

Often we begin careers in real estate sales, not fully understanding the entrepreneurial business endeavor it truly is. We may think it is as simple as a 30-minute TV show:

Show 3 homes with a lively but short discussion

And then poof!

We can fast-forward to the buyer living happily ever after, ringing us when it is time to sell. That's what fairy tales are made of but much more goes into the business of selling real estate.  And it's time to "spill the tea"!  Listen in on this riveting conversation Seth P. (an exceptional keynote speaker and VP of Placester) and I had.  It was great sharing a stage with Seth at Inman Connect Chicago and now having this one-on-one Marketing Genius Podcast conversation.

CLICK HERE to take a listen.

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