5 Overlooked Email Tricks to Close More Deals

Have you noticed that although we are in a social media/Facebook Live/Pokemon Go generation, people actually still use a tried and true, old-school tool to communicate and stay informed? Email. Technology has not made this 1990s fadish marvel obsolete but rather a cornerstone to effectively getting looky-loo leads, thinker leads, and even your fans to close deals with you (learn more on this lead types in Plan to Win).

Did you know that "91% of consumers check their email at least once per day on their smartphone, making it the most used functionality"? Moreover, the National Association of REALTORS® found that 93% of us REALTORS® prefer email as a form of communication with our clients. Consumers like email and we real estate pros like email. But how efficiently are you working email to grow your business?

Well, today I have a treat for you from guest blogger, Square 1 Group. Square 1 Group shares five overlooked but essential email tasks that you should automate (aka use drip emails) to help you work smarter instead of harder. Take it away Square 1 Group...

We all know how important it is in the world of the real estate industry to get your name out there and let prospective clients know about your services. You want prospective leads to have this information at their fingertips, and an email drip campaign is a great way to give prospective clients more information about you, inform them on how you can help them buy, sell, or invest, and remind them that you are available! 

What is email drip? It is a marketing campaign that spaces out specific emails to nurture leads. It takes into account when they signed up for the email newsletter, individual behavior, and the amount of time that has passed.

Here are some ideas you can integrate into your email drip marketing campaign for nurturing real estate leads:
  • 1. Send leads a welcome email when they sign up for your newsletter. This is a polite way to confirm that they signed up and to direct them towards content on your website, like your blog, home listings, and team bios. 

  • 2. Shoot an email to the segment of your email list that has stopped visiting your website. This is an opportunity to re-engage with leads who are no longer interacting with you online. In the body of the email, direct these leads to a popular blog post on your site, an informative video, or to a press release to encourage them to come back. 

  • 3. If you’re trying to enhance engagement with leads who have been spending time on your website, feel free to send an email to that segment. The email should lead them to more information on the topics they are exploring on your site. For example, if someone has been reading your blog on buying a home, send them a link to your home listings. This helps leads make the next step in the sales process with a simple reminder. 

  • 4. Send an email to follow up after previous contact with a lead. If you met someone in person (at an open house or another marketing event), but sure to follow up in an email that reminds them you’re available and that showcases some of your content. 

  • 5. At some point in the email drip campaign schedule, be sure to include an email that showcases your educational content for prospective clients. This may include press releases, white papers, informative blog posts, and updates on news in the real estate industry. This is helpful for clients, and it also builds your credibility as someone in the real estate business. Try out these ideas in your next email marketing campaign; make sure to track your marketing strategies and see which ones are working best for you. 

About the Guest Blogger: Square 1 Group is a web design company based in Los Angeles, California with years of experience in the real estate industry. We take pride in offering customized and individualized services to our clients. In addition to designing and developing websites, we offer maintenance and support, online marketing services, and content creation.

By the way, if you are looking for an app to help you create the templates to run these different email drip campaigns, check out some of my favorites such as HubSpot, WiseAgent, and Follow-Up Boss

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