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As excerpted from the workbook, Plan to Win! and Featured in Inman News  

What do you think when you see these quotes?

  • "New agents spend too much time on marketing and too little time on lead generation, said respondents... "
  • "Lead generation was ranked as the most challenging part of the business for new agents... "
  • "We are in the lead-generation business. We get to sell real estate when we have clients. Develop a healthy lead gen system and stick with it. If you can do that, you’ll always fall forward when you stumble."
~Source: Inman Special Report -- How to Fix New Agent OnBoarding

Foremost, marketing brings exposure to your business.  Then, lead generation, when done effectively, gets you in front of those that plan to go to the closing table because they want to buy or sell real estate.  They work hand-in-hand.  For example, if you have ever had a friend coyishly admit, "I know you're in real estate but I used another agent", then you know your marketing works but your lead generation/lead conversion system is broken.

The spaghetti method of marketing and lead generation (throwing something out there to see what sticks) will have you waste time and money. Instead of hearing about the latest and greatest fads and trying them all, I believe we have to be more strategic based on our individual giftings and personality. By recognizing who you are, you can more aptly select marketing and lead generation tools to grow your business. 

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You are the life of the party!  You can enter a room knowing no one and leave having befriended everyone.  Use your strength of conversation at large events and in group settings to get to the closing table:
  • Join and consistently participate (commit to at least 1 year) in local meet-ups surrounding your favorite pastimes activities
  • Host festival booths/tables (e.g. How much is your home worth? or How much home can you afford? table, etc.) and partner with your favorite vendors
  • Attend friend and family events and don't be a secret agent
  • Get on camera and share branded, short video tips on social media
  • Vlog about your clients’  real estate triumphs
  • Host a home selling, buying or investing webinar or Google Hangout
  • Go Live in your business with Periscope
  • Go Live in your business with Facebook Live
  • Network with local lenders for referrals
  • Network with real estate attorneys for referrals
  • Network with title companies for referrals
  • Create and promote a preferred partners’ hub


You play to win, not come in last place!  You get that real estate is a numbers business so you are ready to deal with 100 rejections to get to 10 deals.
  • Create your own networking group around your favorite hobby
  • Participate in your local business chamber of commerce events
  • Cold call withdrawn listing owners 
  • Mail withdrawn listing owners
  • Cold call expired listing owners 
  • Mail expired listing owners 
  • Cold call FSBO listing owners (e.g. mojo-dialer - just don't violate the Do Not Call Registry)
  • Mail FSBO listing owners
  • Buy the book of business from retiring agents and cold call
  • Buy the book of business from retiring agents and mail
  • Buy the book of business from retiring agents and visit
  • Buy the book of business from retiring agents and email
  • Use predictive analytics to determine if home sellers will move (e.g. Offrs, SmartZip, etc.) and prospect
  • Target local builders and new home communities
  • Use online ads (including Realtor.com, Zillow, and so forth)


You like people but can feel overwhelmed in group settings with strangers or large crowds.  Instead, you thrive one-on-one and among small groups of your trusted friends and peers.  Here are some ideas to kickstart your lead machine:
  • 1-on-1 lunches and coffees with new contacts and existing network
  • Daily calls to 3-5 in your existing network
  • 1-2 visits a week to your existing network
  • Weekly connect with 5-10 existing contacts on social media
  • Strike up referral relationships with other agents at your office, trainings, conferences and your local Board of REALTORS because they may need you during vacations, bereavement, illness and the like
  • Strike up referral relationships with local vendors from divorce attorneys to HR managers at local companies, they have connections that could lead to your next deal
  • Network on online real estate forums and communities for agent referrals
  • Co-market with downpayment programs applicable to your target clientele (e.g. DownPaymentResources.com)
  • Participate in service organizations in which you are passionate and can help you make connections
  • Pay for lead generation sites like Zurple, AgentJet, Commissions Inc., Zillow, and the like if you don't mind paying more to have the leads come to you without organic reach
  • Join local online communities (e.g. NextDoor) and befriend your neighbors as the local trusted real estate pro


You take pride in your work and the minute details like no other!  These ideas can help you when with clients that are fearful or new to buying, selling or investing:
  • Host a series of home selling, investing and buying seminars with your preferred vendors
  • Create and offer on social media (in exchange for contact information) home selling, buying, and investing how-to guides
  • Organize a series of local meet-ups surrounding your favorite pastime activities
  • Develop a warm and fuzzy (personable) email campaign for those you meet introducing them to you, sharing pertinent details about the local market, and giving them tips based on their interest in real estate (i.e. buyer, seller, investor)
  • Develop a warm and fuzzy (personable) mail campaign for those you meet introducing them to you, sharing pertinent details about the local market, and giving them tips based on their interest in real estate (i.e. buyer, seller, investor)
  • Blog about the various subdivisions, events and businesses in your community, sharing details not found elsewhere
  • Blog market updates monthly or quarterly
  • Co-market your marketing materials with your favorite vendors to gain additional exposure
  • Host open houses in your target subdivisions for other agents, requesting that all walk-ins be your leads

All Personalities

No matter your personality, these ideas work well:
  • Mail a monthly newsletter (for those that don’t check email - use local content instead of generic data and tips - become the local real estate news source)
  • Schedule a monthly e-newsletter (use local content instead of generic data and tips - become the local real estate news source)
  • Wear real estate paraphernalia EVERYWHERE - you become your own walking billboard
  • Attend every event your friends, family, neighbors, and anyone else you know have - if you get invited and it does not conflict with your morals, GO and win friends
  • Postcard mailings
  • Share testimonials
  • Add testimonials to the most popular sites for home sellers and buyers (i.e. Realtor.com,  Zillow, and the like)
  • Weekly share your real estate feats, wins and special moments on social media (don’t be Debbie Downer)
  • Share an item of value for your target client weekly on social media 
  • Run targeted Facebook lead generation ads (yes, they actually have an objective for this)
  • Use Realtor.com ads
  • Sponsor local events (e.g. HOA meetings, PTA functions, baby showers, clothe drives, etc.) that will allow you to share your marketing materials and perhaps even speak in exchange for sponsorship to your ideal client
  • Ask for referrals from everyone
  • Add Facebook Messenger to your website to make it easier to capture leads from site visitors
  • Recruit social media ambassadors and cheerleaders/fans
  • Add social sharing badges and points for followers to win prizes from your preferred vendors like a free credit score and report, free home warranty, discounted home inspection, etc.
  • Submit PR releases to become part of the interview circuit
  • Get a Homesnap profile and share advice in the forums
  • Get a free Zillow profile and add client testimonials
  • Post advice to become a SME to the Zillow forums
  • Get a free Realtor.com profile and add client testimonials
  • Have site plugins and lead magnets to capture the contact details of site visitors
  • Advertise on radio stations relevant to your target market
  • Advertise with professional videos (use local artists or crowdsourcing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc.) to your relevant target market on video-driven platforms (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

What methods do you use to grow your business? I would love to read your thoughts below.  And, be sure to get a copy of the 5-star rated workbook, Plan to Win, to transform your real estate sales game plan. Here's to your success!
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